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Gutter cleaning in Portland, OR, is an essential part of your home routine maintenance. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up into the walls and lead to many thousands of dollars in damage. Standing water in a clogged gutter is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, a concern with the spring West Nile virus and EEE season. In the winter clogged rain gutters freeze into heavy blocks of ice causing your rain gutters to pull away from your home, shortening the gutter systems lifespan and creating an overhead ice hazard and can lead to large ice dams and icicles. Gutter Covers (AKA Gutter Protection) can reduce or eliminate gutter cleaning maintenance.

At All Exterior Services, we are committed to helping homeowners protect their properties from water damage. We provide gutter washing and cleaning in Portland that will keep your home looking neat and clean. Thanks to our detail-oriented approach to service, sticking to an effective home maintenance routine is a simple and hassle-free experience. Request our services today to learn how we keep your home beautiful.

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Benefits of our Portland Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutters play a big role in maintaining your property. From directing rainwater away from your roof and foundations to stopping leaks and water damage, your gutters are an important feature of your home. However, they are often completely forgotten about and allowed to become clogged and dirty. When this happens, gutters become prone to overflow, leaks are likely, and all of a sudden, you’re spending money on costly repairs.

If your gutters in Portland, OR are looking blocked or grimy, it’s time to get them professionally cleaned. If you’re unsure whether you should get your gutters cleaned, here are some important benefits of a regular cleaning service that will give you a better idea of why gutter cleaning is so important.

Clogged gutters tend to attract nesting birds, rodents, and a lot of bugs, all of which can carry germs and disease. By removing leaves and debris, it discourages birds and pests making your gutters home.

When gutters are clogged, they quickly overflow during heavy rainfall. This can cause unnecessary damage to your landscaping, garden, and can cause damp on exterior walls if it goes unfixed. Having your gutters cleaned regularly will stop this overflow, saving you money on expensive repairs to your garden or exterior walls.

Gutter cleaning is a vital part of roof maintenance that will help extend its life. Clogged gutters trap moisture, ice, dirt, and debris, making them heavy and causing them to sag. This will eventually compromise the integrity of the roof they are attached to. When left long enough, this can cause cracks and leaks in the roof, which can be costly to repair.

Dirty, clogged gutters look awful and are a sure-fire way to make your house look unloved. Whether you’re planning to sell your house or not, having sparkling clean gutters boosts your curb appeal and makes your house look its best. If you are selling your home, clean gutters give a great first impression to buyers and can help boost your chances of an offer.

When gutters overflow and exterior walls become damp, it can quickly lead to water damage inside the house. The water can quickly soak into the foundations or through exterior walls and create unsightly damp patches. This not only looks bad but can be extremely bad for your family’s health, so it’s important to keep your gutters in tip-top shape to prevent this from happening in the first place.

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How We Clean Out Your Gutters and Downspouts!

Your gutters are the first line of defense against water damage. They also protect your home from accelerated degradation of your siding and the foundation. As such, it is crucial to keep your system in good shape so that it may continue to guard your home. Regular gutter washing and cleaning by professionals is the most effective way to keep your system in optimal condition.

Our company sets the standard for exterior property maintenance. You will save time and energy with our gutter services. When you choose us, you can always expect high-quality service that generates almost immediate results. You won’t have to worry about debris buildup when we’re on watch.

We are a leading name in the industry, thanks largely to what we offer. Our processes for gutter cleaning include:

  • Hand removal of debris in gutters. (Sand, twigs, and leaves)
  • We only use ladders with standoffs. (No damage to gutters.)
  • Flushing all gutters to check for proper water flow.
  • Flushing all downspouts to check for proper drainage.
  • Providing photos of work on request.
  • We never leave any mess behind. (We haul away all gutter debris.)
  • Minor gutter repair service is available for a small extra charge. (Spikes, sealer, and screws.)

Contact us and request an estimate today. We serve property owners throughout Portland, OR.

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Adam Hallstone

Gutter Cleaning In Portland OR

Doug was very punctual. He did a great job and was in and out really fast. What I liked best is that he said we wouldn’t need our gutters cleaned again for a year. In the past I’ve had my gutters cleaned and the company would already say they NEEDED to be cleaned twice a year at least. Doug was personable and easy to work with.

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Donald Ellingson

Gutter Cleaning In Portland

We are new to the area. Needed gutters cleaned- searched and found All Exterior. Good reviews. Doug was great- got back to me right away, set up the date and time, Everything was very smooth. On time and slightly under the quote because it didn’t take quite as long. Very personable too. I recommend Doug and All Exterior and won’t hesitate to use him again.

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Iris Ireland

Gutter Cleaning Portland OR

All Exterior Services was great! I was able to schedule easily and they did a wonderful job cleaning the gutters and blowing debris off the roof of my new home. They also offered great recommendations for improvements I could make to decrease maintenance costs. I highly recommend their services.

Frequently Asked Gutter Cleaning Questions

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Gutters and downspouts are designed to do one thing: carry rainwater safely away from your home so it cannot do damage to your roof, foundation, walls, basement, paint, landscaping, and other surfaces. They cannot do this if they are clogged with leaves, twigs, bird’s nests, toys, roof grit, or mud!

In most parts of the country, twice a year is recommended, once in the spring and again in the late fall. If your home has a lot of trees, it may require an additional cleaning in the late fall or winter to prevent problems!

If it has been six months or more since your last cleaning, it is reasonable to assume that they are clogged somewhere along the line. You can always tell they are clogged when it rains, and waterfalls appear along the gutters or at corners. Black streaks on the outer surface of the gutters or on walls just below the gutters are also a sign that they are clogged and have overflowed. Seeing large amounts of pests like mosquitoes, wasps, or rodents near the gutters means they are clogged, and there is water trapped – which they are attracted to!

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