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Gutter Cleaning in Portland, OR

Gutter Cleaning

Why Do I Need My Gutters Cleaned?

Gutter cleaning in Portland, OR, is an essential part of your home routine maintenance. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up into the walls and lead to many thousands of dollars in damage. Standing water in a clogged gutter is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, a concern with the spring West Nile virus and EEE season. In the winter clogged rain gutters freeze into heavy blocks of ice causing your rain gutters to pull away from your home, shortening the gutter systems lifespan and creating an overhead ice hazard and can lead to large ice dams and icicles. Gutter Covers (AKA Gutter Protection) can reduce or eliminate gutter cleaning maintenance.

At All Exterior Services, we are committed to helping homeowners protect their properties from water damage. We provide gutter washing and cleaning in Portland that will keep your home looking neat and clean. Thanks to our detail-oriented approach to service, sticking to an effective home maintenance routine is a simple and hassle-free experience. Request our services today to learn how we keep your home beautiful.

Gutter Cleaning in Portland, OR

How Often Should I Have My Gutters Cleaned?

Depending on the debris left by the trees surrounding your home, (i.e. trees with blossoms, pollen strings, leaves, pine needles, seeds, acorns, sticks, etc), it is recommended that you have your gutters cleaned 2-3 times a year – in the spring, early fall (October) and late fall (November/December). For homes with large amounts of leaves or pine needles, a fourth gutter cleaning in the summer is often required.

As you can imagine, gutter washing and maintenance is a year-round responsibility. Rain, snow, and debris can enter your gutter at virtually any time. Therefore, it is crucial to keep an eye on your gutters regularly. You can also choose our gutter cleaning team to conduct routine service so you won’t have to worry about missing any inspections.

When is the Best Time to Have My Gutters Cleaned?

The following are recommended times for gutter cleaning. Because weather patterns are different each year a range is given for each gutter cleaning.

  • Spring – Between April and end of June to rid your gutters of an accumulation of fall and winter debris. In addition, some of the tender tree foliage is blown off the trees along with blossoms and pollen strings which because of their consistency will clog gutters causing them to hold water, providing a perfect breeding ground for mosquito larva.
  • Mid to Late Summer – August through September because, despite the fact that most leaves are firmly attached to the trees, some still come down and end up in the gutters. Thunderstorms, strong winds, and drought, all are strong contributors to large accumulations of leaves, pine needles, sticks, and debris during the summer.
  • Early Fall – October through November, leaves and needles quickly accumulate in your gutters and their sheer volume requires the gutters to be cleared.
  • Late Fall (before the snow arrives) – Cleaning time depends on where you live and is between late November and the first weeks of December is when most leaves are off the trees. This gutter cleaning is a balancing act of waiting for most leaves to be off the trees and not waiting too long so that all rain gutters freeze solid with the ice and leaves in them.

How We Clean Out Your Gutters and Downspouts!

Your gutters are the first line of defense against water damage. They also protect your home from accelerated degradation of your siding and the foundation. As such, it is crucial to keep your system in good shape so that it may continue to guard your home. Regular gutter washing and cleaning by professionals is the most effective way to keep your system in optimal condition.

Our company sets the standard for exterior property maintenance. You will save time and energy with our gutter services. When you choose us, you can always expect high-quality service that generates almost immediate results. You won’t have to worry about debris buildup when we’re on watch.

We are a leading name in the industry, thanks largely to what we offer. Our processes for gutter cleaning include:

  • Hand removal of debris in gutters. (Sand, twigs, and leaves)
  • We only use ladders with standoffs. (No damage to gutters.)
  • Flushing all gutters to check for proper water flow.
  • Flushing all downspouts to check for proper drainage.
  • Providing photos of work on request.
  • We never leave any mess behind. (We haul away all gutter debris.)
  • Minor gutter repair service is available for a small extra charge. (Spikes, sealer, and screws.)

Contact us and request an estimate today. We serve property owners throughout Portland, OR.

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